Strokestown Famine Museum and the Museum of Country Life

Today we took a day trip to visit the Strokestown Famine museum and the Museum of Country Life. The Famine museum was a wonderful exhibit – it was very hands on and lots of visuals. At this point in our studies, we had a firmer grasp on the famine and because of this I think we all enjoyed the museum more. They even had some potato blithe conserved in a jar at the exhibit – how crazy is that!

At the Museum of Country Life, there was much more to explore than just the exhibit. There was a lake to walk around, gardens to walk through, shops, and cottages. We all kept joking that we didn’t need to learn about the Museum of Country Life because we had been living the country life for the past four months, but it was a great museum nevertheless. In the museum you could walk through different aspects of country daily life: what it was like being in a classroom, how to thatch a roof, cooking methods, etc. You could even try on costumes! To top it all off, it was a beautiful sunny day and we all bought fresh sandwiches and went to lay down by the lake before the bus came.



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