Southern Ireland Trip!

The next three days marked our last final group trip away from Tully Cross before we would be going back home. We weren’t entirely sure what we would be doing or where we would be going, but it was exciting nonetheless. We stayed at a hotel the first night (not a hostel!! Yay!) and were treated to an amazing five course meal. The mushroom soup (surprisingly) was the best soup I have ever had. It was a crowd favorite, for sure.

While there was a lot of time on the bus, we made some pretty incredible stops. One of my favorite stops was Cahir Castle (they had some pretty awesome defense mechanisms throughout the castle). Our next stops were Dingle Peninsula (good fish n’ chips and dolphin themes EVERYWHERE), Kilmalkader church, and the Gallarus oratory. It was a lot of getting off the bus to look at something briefly and then getting back on the bus (felt like the scene from Family Vacation when they arrive at the Grand Canyon).

We then went to a different hotel (Abbey Hotel), and were again treated with some delicious food. (I of course, went straight for the soup and sandwich combo). Then, we went to see Muckross House (a Victorian style mansion in the middle of Killarney National Park). The gardens were my absolute favorite, as well as we went on a jaunting cart ride through the national park! It was an unexpected treat from Dan and Kate, and we got to see much more of the park than we would have on our own.

We made a dinner stop (again, soup and a sandwich) and made our way back to Tully Cross. While some of us wished we could have stayed in the places longer, we were so grateful at the chance to see a different part of Ireland. Southern Ireland is stunning, I would highly recommend it for anybody visiting.



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