February 27th, 2015

TODAY THE NEFCY FAMILY ARRIVES IN IRELAND. I sat by the window of my hostel like a puppy, anxiously looking up and down the street through the window for a glimpse of the Nefcy fam making their way. Not having cell phone service makes it difficult to be able to meet up with people (obviously) and my fingers were crossed that they were okay and on time. And they were!! I saw them come through the door and I burst into tears as I tackled them. Everyone was looking a little bleary eyed and exhausted, but we made a beeline for Starbucks and walked around Dublin to wake up a bit. We found a lovely place to eat lunch (it was called The Church, it was a refurbished cathedral turned into a bar/restaurant/night club) and the fam had a long needed dose of fish n’ chips with pints of Guinness.

After lunch we wandered around (taking the occasional break in a pub with pints of Guinness and Smithwicks, you know, for strength) and then made our way to the hotel. Watching my parents figure out the European GPS (we have called her Una, she’s a right piece of shite), drive on the left side of the road in a stick shift, AND figure out what street to turn on when there are no street names was immensely entertaining. We left Jared and Molly in the hotel to sleep (they were getting grumpy), and the rest of us went to the Guinness Storehouse. The Guinness Storehouse was AWESOME. The facility is stunning and it really is an amazing exhibit. My favorite part was the Gravity Bar at the top. It was a 360 room made entirely of glass and you were poured a complimentary (and perfect) pint of Guinness while you could look out at the entire city of Dublin.

Tonight also marks the last day all of the Aquinas students will be all together, so we all went on one last pub crawl togther before people left for spring break travels the next day. We even took AJ along (he’s legal here!) and had some good craic out on the town.


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