February 26th, 2015

The next morning, feeling much better about the pub crawl festivities after a hearty full Irish breakfast, we went on a bus tour of the whole city. The sun was out and we sat on the open top of the bus as we listened to our bus driver tell us about all the main stops, while everyone excitedly marked in their maps what they wanted to see later.

When we got off the bus, everyone was free to see whatever they wanted. My first stop was Kilmainham Jail, a historic site in which the1916 Easter Uprising leaders were executed. Before we left for Dublin, I had to give a summary of Kilmainham to the class, so to actually visit the jail after researching it was incredible. Right now, I was stepping into our history books, walking along the stone floors that Parnell, Clarke, Pearse, and Connolly walked on. The saddest part of the tour was when we passed the chapel inside the jail. Here, Joseph Plunkett married Grace Gifford two hours before he was executed.

My spirits were lifted after the tour because I would soon be meeting one of my old YMCA Camp Roger friends by the spire on O’Connell street. It still blows my mind that I was getting to meet up with Niall two years later after camp. He looked the same and hadn’t changed a bit, and we headed straight for the nearest pub to catch up over some pitchers of beer. Afterward, Niall took me on a tour of Trinity College (where he graduated from). The architecture of the buildings were stunning, and it was fascinating to be able to go inside all of the buildings. We then walked along Grafton Street and passed by various shopping malls, and then (INSERT MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE DAY) Niall took me to go get a margarita. A FROZEN MARGARITA. It was amazing. It was satisfying. I was happy happy. And everybody back at the hostel was extremely jealous.

In the evening, we went to see A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Abbey Theatre. As a theatre major, being able to step inside the Abbey Theatre founded by W.B.Yeats was absolutely amazing. It was a stunning space. The interpretation of the play, in my opinion, wasn’t quite what I was expecting and I don’t quite agree with it (ask me about it in person), but regardless it was a wonderful night out and a perfect way to end the day.



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