February 4th, 2015

This morning I woke up early, made a fire, and sat in the living room drinking tea and reading. Our professor Dan came and knocked on the door, asking if our cottage wanted to go on a hike to the beach. I was the only one up (we celebrated a little too hard for our first night back in Tully Cross), the sun was out, and it would be a perfect beach day.

As we pulled up to Glassilaun Beach, a hush went over everyone in the car as we took in the stunning view. Words cannot capture how it looked and how we felt. We walked along the beach, slowly breaking away from each other and exploring on our own.

I picked up shell after shell and rocks I thought looked interesting (my backpack and pockets are full of sand now), taking picture after picture trying to capture the incredible view. We were surrounded by sand, by rocks, by the mountains and hills, and I could have stayed forever. The wind was cold but the sun was warm and I felt perfectly happy.

I cannot explain how I felt – I wanted to cry, I wanted to sing, I wanted to laugh – all at the same time. The view was too beautiful to be true, and once again I was reminded that I am supposed to be here. That coming here was the right decision. That coming here was the right path.



2 thoughts on “WEEK 4: GLASSILAUN BEACH

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